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Why Peace Through Forgiveness?

It was Tariq’s legacy that finally, many years later, having worked with kids, spawned the vision in me – that if I can get to peace through forgiveness, then should I only limit the work that TKF is doing to young people? Maybe this needs to be much broader. Because most of the people that have gone through my forgiveness workshop are not kids; they are adults, and they have been transformed. I can tell stories after stories after stories. And it needs to go to a much larger platform. And that’s why I decided that as my final legacy I needed to create this campaign of Peace Through Forgiveness.

March 6, 2024 PTF Launch Interview with John Larson

Tariq Khamisa & Tony Hicks years before crossing paths

THE PERFECT PATH By Michael Tiernan

“The Perfect Path.” Inspired by the remarkable journey of Azim Khamisa, whose son Tariq’s tragic fate led to an unexpected encounter with the transformative power of forgiveness. Listen to “The Perfect Path” today and embark on a journey of inspiration and healing

The “Peace Through Forgiveness” project envisions becoming a thriving hub where individuals and organizations alike come together to learn, share, and grow in their practice of forgiveness and pursuit of world peace.


To empower 3.5% of the global population with transformative forgiveness practices that foster a worldwide network of peace advocates, positively impacting our world for a sustainable change.


A World at Peace

Core Values


We behave with integrity. Integrity is defined as “soundness, incorruptibility and a firm adherence to a code of ethics.” Integrity demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses in our character. People of integrity are honest and genuine in their dealings with others. People of integrity hold fast to their commitments, rather than their desires. We make many commitments to PTF, to ourselves, and to our community. At PTF, we understand that at times these commitments are in conflict. During these times of conflict, we must work to remain steadfast to our true and deep commitments. We must bring these conflicts to the light and work with each other to resolve them. We strive to live a life of integrity.


Forgiveness is defined as “the act of giving up resentment.” We see forgiveness as a process, starting with the acknowledgement that we have been harmed. Through this pain, we tap into the power of forgiveness, the release of resentment. Ultimately, we reach out with love and compassion to the offender. We forgive others when they have wronged us. We forgive others who have wronged someone else. We ask for our own forgiveness when we have wronged others. We will not harbor feelings of resentment after forgiveness. We acknowledge that we are all human and at times will fail in forgiveness. We help each other to forgive, to accept forgiveness, and to accept each other through the process. We strive to forgive.


Peace is our guiding value at PTF, shaping our actions and decisions. It means living in harmony with oneself and others, respecting diversity, and promoting nonviolence, forgiveness, and restorative justice. Peace extends far beyond the mere absence of conflicts; it encompasses the active cultivation of positive and constructive relationships that foster mutual understanding and cooperation. We strive to solve differences through peaceful means, such as dialogue, education, and humane approaches. Together, we create a better and more peaceful world for all.


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Forgiveness Project

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